How to use ashampoo burning studio

The Ashampoo burning studio 2020 program can be used to copy data, audio, video to CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs. The program can also be used to make a copy of a disk, create and write disk images, and back up files. This article about; Ashampoo burning studio review. Furthermore, you can learn about; how to burn a video to a cd.

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Ashampoo burning studio review

ashampoo burning studio review

Ashampoo burning studio 2020 free download

The free version of this program can be downloaded for free from this website; When you download the Ashampoo burning studio program, double-click on the setup file and let it install. This setup program can be downloaded from any computer with an Internet connection. Also, you can store it on an external drive, such as a pen drive, and install it on any other computer. You do not need to have an internet connection with those computers to install and run the program.

After installing the Ashampoo burning studio software, you need to go through start » Ashampoo burning studio 2020 to access it in Windows 10. This will open the Ashampoo burning studio 2020 application window.


Write data cd/ dvd | Burn files to dvd

To write data, hover the mouse pointer over Burn data on the left side of the Burning Studio window. The menu that opens shows the various ways in which data can be written to a disk in the form of data.

If you want to burn a data disk, as usual, select New disc here. This will open the burn files and folders page. You can click on the add button on the right to enter files or folders on your computer. The folder is inserted under my file on the left. When a folder is selected, the files in it are displayed in the box on the right.

After selecting the files and folders you want to write, click on the next button below to proceed to the next step. Then insert a disk into the disk drive and click write, the disk will start writing and complete.

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Burn dvd with password

You can also write data disc related to models other than the data model. Accordingly, if you select new disk + Autostart from the burn data menu, you can write it in such a way that it starts playing automatically when the disk is inserted into the computer.

When writing a disk in data mode, select New encrypted disk from the Burn data menu and you can write a disk using a password. Then you need to use that password when using the data on that disk. Through it, the data is protected.

dvd burning


Burn audio cd

To decode Audio or Mp3, move the mouse pointer over Audio + Music on the left side of the burning studio window. In the menu that opens, it shows the different ways in which audio and music can be decrypted.

If you want to burn a CD containing songs that can be played with a normal audio player, select the Create audio CD option. This will open the Burn Audio CD page. Click the Add button on the right side and select the songs you want to write from the songs stored on the computer. They are then displayed on the Burn Audio CD page.

The bottom of the screen shows the running time of all the songs, so you can insert the songs in less than 80 minutes. Now click on Next and proceed to the next step. May you have already inserted a disk, the last step is to click Write to start writing the disk.

If you select Create Mp3 or WMA Disk from this Audio + Music menu, you can burn a CD or DVD in Mp3 format. If you select the Rip Audio CD here, you can copy the songs from the audio CD to your computer.


Burn video files | blu-ray burner

how to burn a video to a cd?

To write data in video mode, move the mouse pointer over the Video on the left side of the burning studio window. In the menu that opens, it shows the different ways in which video can be decrypted. From there you can select Video DVD from Folder and burn the video file on a DVD, and select Video Blu-ray Disc from Folder to burn the video in a video Blu-ray.


Copy CD/ DVD disc with Burning studio

If you want to copy any type of CD or DVD disc to another similar disc, select Copy disc on the left side of the Burning studio window. This will open the Copy CD / DVD page. Now insert the disk containing the data and click on the Next button. This will start reading all the data in it. Finally, insert the new disk into the drive and click Write.

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Manage disk image

To handle a disk image, select the Disk image on the left side of the Burning Studio window. In the menu that appears, select Create image and save the contents of the disk as a computer disk.

If you want to burn an image saved in this way to another disk, select the Burn image and select the image on the computer.

If you want to execute such an image without burning it on a disk, select Browse image from the Disk image menu. Now you can select any disk image on your computer and open it.

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Ashampoo burning studio review