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Amazon Prime Video (iOS/Android, Free) is an all-in-one platform from which users may download or stream TV shows and movies from their mobile devices. The app’s interface is similar to a mobile website, which makes It easy for users to navigate through the available titles. Everything is organized into genres and popularity ratings, allowing you to arrive at what you prefer almost immediately. Upon clicking on a title, you would be able to learn more about it by reading its synopsis as well as a host of other information such as specific trivia about it. The app even offers a 7-day trial for newcomers in order to help give them a good overview of what the Amazon Prime experience is all about.

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About the App

This is an android application developed and offered by Amazon Mobile LLC. for android users from all around the universe to watch their favorite tv shows and amazon-exclusive content. You have also the option to download videos to watch offline at any time.

This application is recently released on the google play store and get famous in a short period of time. It is placed in the Entertainment category of google play store and also it has a positive rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars on google play store. This application is downloaded by more than two million users (2,228,014) from all around the world.


The top feature of amazon prime video

  1. Support for mobile allows you to download and stream regardless of your current location.
  2. Some TV shows’ pilot episodes can be streamed for free, but they include advertisements.
  3. Prospective shows and movies may be saved in a watchlist; which is basically a bookmark where you can save and view them at a later time.
  4. What adds to their substantial collection is undoubtedly; the inclusion of Bollywood movies as well as other regional Indian TV series.
  5. Pertinent information and trivia about the film. TV show, actors, and actresses are taken directly from IMDB.
  6. US and UK citizens are given the exclusive right to buy or rent videos from Amazon Prime Video’s exclusive catalog.
  7. Users from the US who become Prime members are allowed stream videos from channels which would otherwise charge subscription costs like HBO and ShowtI me.



The app’s selection is certainly vast, which makes their lowly subscription price a bang for your buck. The Amazon-only content is attractive too, as most are high-quality.

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