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The automatic call recorder app can be used to record incoming calls using an Android phone. This allows calls to be recorded automatically. There you can select all the calls as well as the required phone numbers and record only the incoming calls from those numbers automatically. Also, all incoming calls from unknown numbers can be recorded here. The voice of the recorded calls is of high quality.

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automatic call recorder

Automatic call recorder app download

You can download the automatic call recorder app on their website Or you can go to the android play store and type automatic call recorder and find and download this app. Also, you can download the call recorder app from the google play store webpage by scanning the following QR code from any android phone. After installing this app, when you access it, you will see a screen with three tabs. Here you can see basically recorded audio file. If necessary you can play that audio file.

automatic call recorder app download

Select the calls to be recorded

Select the Filter tab at the top of the screen to select the calls to be recorded. Then you can see three option buttons on the screen. If All Calls is selected then you can see all the phone numbers on the phone. The list also shows unsaved numbers for incoming and outgoing calls. Alternatively, you can select the Contacts option button and select the number from which you want to record calls from the numbers in the phone number list. When selecting the numbers, select the REC button in front of each number and select the numbers to automatically record calls. When the automatic call recording facility is enabled, the call recording will start as soon as the calls are received from the relevant numbers and finally, the voice file will be saved.

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How to automatically record phone calls android


call recorder android

Customize call recorder app settings

Select the circular icon at the top of the screen to change the settings of the app. Then the setting screen related to the app will open. Here are the details of each of the settings that can be made through this app.

Automatic Recording – This button must be used to enable or disable automatic recording.

Audio Settings – This allows you to make settings related to saving the sound file. Accordingly, you can select MP3 or WAV. as the file type.

Audio Quality – This allows you to adjust the sound quality of the saved audio file.


After doing these basic settings, select the menu icon at the top right of the screen to make other settings related to the app. Then you can make the following settings through the menu that expands.

Shake to Recording – In the paid version, the phone can be configured for recording after it is shaken.

Memory settings – You must select this to set the location where the recorded audio files will be saved.

Link to DropBox – You have to select the relevant link through this option to transfer the saved audio files to the DropBox.

Link to Google Drive – In order to transfer the saved audio files to Google Drive, you must select the appropriate link with this option.

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call recorder android

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