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Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have apps designed to keep notes, just like in a notebook. Among such apps, ColorNote App is one of the most popular apps.

ColorNote app


ColorNote App download

You can download the Color Note app on their website.

Also, you can download the Color Note app from the google play store webpage by scanning the following QR code from any android phone.

colornote download

How to use colornote app

Once the ColorNote app is installed automatically as usual, you can access it by selecting the Color Note icon. After opening the app, you will get the Color Note screen.

To add new notes, select Add note here. Or click on the (+) sign at the top of the screen. This will open the Add note box. To make general notes, select the text in it. Then opens a text editor with a yellow background. You can type the required note in it.

If you want to change the background color of this note page, click on the yellow box at the top right of the screen. Then the colored box opens. Now when you select the desired color, it will be applied to the background.

After entering a note like this, the note will be saved as usual when you tap the back button of the android device. If you want to edit that note again, you have to tap it twice.


Keep note with checklist

If the notes are to be placed in a list where they can be selected one by one, the add note button should be selected as before. In the box that opens, select the Checklist. In the screen that opens, there are two items named add item. The first item must be selected. Then the add item box opens. In it, you have to give the title for the first item and select the next button. The add item box will then be empty again for the second item to be inserted. In this way, you should continue to use notes and ok.


How can I lock a note with the master password?

color note features

Color note features

How to put Color note password

Passwords can be used to lock processed notes so that others cannot access them. To do this, go to settings in the left menu of the color note app. This will open the settings screen. Now select the master password below. This will open the master password screen. Type the password in the new master password field and re-enter the master password field below. Then select the Save button and the password will be saved.

Now to lock the note, you have to go through the Color Note main screen, enter the note you want to lock, and keep your finger on it. Then select Lock from the menu that appears. The Enter master password box will open. Now you have to give the password saved earlier and click Ok. Only those who know the password can reopen this note.


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