Computer Server System Vs. Client Computer

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Computer server; Early stages of computer use, organizations, universities, and all other places which wanted many computers utilized Mainframe computers and Minicomputers.

Such a computer like this connect a unit that contained a keyboard and monitor which called a terminal to enter data and retrieve information. Here, each terminal enters data into a centralized computer. Also, each terminal receives data from a centralized computer.

Instead of using such large-scale computers, the desktop and laptop computers we use today or with the advent of microcomputers created personal computer networks. This replaced the previous central computer data storage system with the client computer network system.

Also here, one central computer, or server computer, is used to store the data.

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What is a computer server

what is a computer server


Client computer definition

A client computer is a computer that receives services from a normal computer network or over the Internet or from a server computer.

These are typically personal computers. Accordingly, these include desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones as well as smart TVs.

On each of these computers, network application software, or application software, is used.


Computer Server definition

A computer that provides services to ordinary computers over a computer network or the Internet is called a server computer. Physically, a server computer is a powerful standard computer. These server computer systems are designed to be more functional than design because they are not aimed at the average user.

In order to provide an efficient service to client computers, these server computers must have a high level of processing, memory capacity, and storage capacity compared to other computers. As the number of client computers connected to a network increases, so does the demand for them. Several server computers are used in computer networks to meet that demand.

All these server computers come in three main models. Namely tower server, rack server, and blade server.


Tower server

Tower server computers are built by combining several tower-type systems found on desktop computers into units. There is not much difference between these and the rack server. It only changes the way it is assembled and shaped. Therefore, one of the two types of tower servers or rack servers is chosen not for efficiency but for how they should be packaged. That is, the rack server is used when needed to mount on racks. The tower server is used where one or more servers need to be deployed.

Blade servers are different from tower and rack servers. A blade server is made up of several server computers in one package. Here one server in the package is called a Blade.


Server operating system

Operating systems used on normal computers cannot be used on server computers. Specific software or programs that must be run on server computers cannot be run on normal operating systems. The most popular of these server operating systems are Linux based Ubuntu Server and Fedora Server.

The Windows Server operating system is also popular. Also, Apple Mac OS X Server and Sun Solaris Server are two of the most widely used server operating systems.


Type of computer server

In a server computer, software or programs can be installed and used for a variety of purposes. Then the server is named according to the function it performs. They are …

  1. Web Server
  2. Mail Server
  3. Proxy Server
  4. Application Server
  5. DNS – Domain Name Service Server
  6. DHCP Server (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
  7. File server

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Web Server

The web page of the Internet is stored on the webserver. That is, a web server is a type of server program that delivers web pages to client computers using HTTP on the World Wide Web.

Also, web server software must be running on every host computer that publishes websites; both on the Internet and on regular computer networks. Apache server is one of the most widely used web server software. Microsoft Internet Information Server – IIS, Novell Server, and IBM Lotus Domino Server are similar server programs.


Mail Server

The mail server is the server that handles the delivery of the emails they receive as well as the emails they send. The most commonly used mail servers are; Microsoft Exchange Server, Qmail Server, Exim Internet Mailer, and Sendmail Server.

Email messages from users to a mail server are first stored in a unit called a message store. Secondly, it sends the email to the recipient.

When sending emails, one of the two protocols, SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) or ESMTP (External Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used. When receiving emails; one of two protocols, POP-3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) or IMP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is used.


Proxy server

proxy server

A server that acts as an intermediary between the Internet and computers using the Internet. It manages the data flow of information over the Internet in an organized way; ensuring the security of users and providing data retention services.

The cache memory of this proxy server can be distributed to all client computers on the network. Therefore; websites that are frequently requested by the client computer are stored in the cache memory of the proxy server. You can then quickly return to previously visited websites and take the necessary action. This speeds up internet usage.

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Application server

An application server is used to perform a task while maintaining an interface between two or more server software. In this way; an application server that works in conjunction with a web server is called a web application server.


Domain name service server

The domain name service server is used to convert the domain names to IP addresses on the Internet. A domain name is displayed in letters on the Internet. It’s easy for users to remember and insert. But we do know that; the Internet is actually built on IP addresses. Therefore we need to convert the typed domain name to an IP address.

The IP address for the domain name is selected using the database on the domain name service server. Any computer registered to connect to a domain name service is called a domain name service server.


Protocol server; Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

This server is terminologically referred to as the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server. This is a server computer based on a protocol set up to allocate IP addresses to devices within a computer network.

There is no need to set up separate IP addresses for each device as IP addresses are automatically assigned to computers on the network. This server thus updates or removes the IP addresses assigned to a device when it is connected or removed from the computer network. Internet service providers also use this protocol server to easily connect to the Internet.


Database server

database server

A database server is used on a network that operates using a database. In the case of a banking system; for example, the details of the account holders computerized at each of its branches are retrieved to a key database. Here all customer details need to be stored in a database on a database server computer.

When the account details are retrieved they are retrieved from the relevant server. After updating the information is stored in the database on the database server computer. In this case; the database is properly canalized so that it can be used publicly from other computers connected to the network.

So, even on social networking sites such as Facebook, the details of the people involved are stored in such a database. They are on a database server computer so you can log in to your account from anywhere in the world. Most database server computers use MySQL Server or Microsoft SQL Server software.


File server

The file server is used to keep backup files of other computers on the computer network; and to manipulate and manage those files. You can download a file from this file server from another computer and use it.

Programs used on file servers such as Open LDAP, NetlQ eDirectory, Microsoft Active Directory, etc…

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