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Normally, when we use an Android device in a long time like 1-2 years, its speed becomes slows down. Even if the device is restarted, the chances of regaining the original speed are low. You can get rid of this inconvenience and maintain the speed of your android device by using an app built to maintain speed. DU Speed Booster is one of the best apps out there.

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DU Speed Booster is yet another super cool optimizing app which increases the device speed by boosting it.  The DU Speed Booster app is free and easy to install. The current android version of the app is 2.6.7 which runs smoothly on all mobile devices. You can easily download and install the app from the Google Play store and can start using it on your device. DU Speed Booster is already running on over million android devices and is serving a great deal to the users in optimizing their devices.

DU Speed Booster app has several features to optimize the devices and increase the performance and speed of those devices. With one-tap optimize feature, you can increase the speed of your phone by 60%. After installing the app to the device, you can open the app by tapping the DU Speed Booster icon to witness a clean and user friendly interface of the app. The main page of the app displayed on the mobile device’s screen contains few cool one touch options to instantly boost the device performance. These include: Phone Boost, Trash Cleaner, App Manager, Speed Test, Security and Battery Saver.

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Download DU Speed Booster; Phone Boost

You can download the app on this website; duapps.com. Also, you can download the DU Speed Booster App from the google play store webpage by scanning the following QR code from any android phone.

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Once the app is downloaded, it will be installed automatically. When this is opened you will get a screen called DU Speed Booster. Clicking on the Start button at the bottom will take you to the app. Now you need to select the circular button in the middle to increase the speed of the device. This causes the device to slow down and automatically correct itself.

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Top Features of DU Speed Booster

Even after these basic configurations, a small red dot will appear next to the icon at the bottom of the DU Speed booster main screen stating what other factors are causing the android device to slow down.

Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting:


Phone Boost

Detects apps that are slowing down an Android device and removes them from RAM memory. When this icon is selected, the resulting screen displays all the apps currently running in ram memory. You need to select the checkbox next to the name of the currently unwanted app. Then click on the Release button at the bottom.


Trash Cleaner

You can remove unwanted items from the internal storage unit and memory card of the Android device. When this icon is selected, select Smart Scan from the Trash Cleaner screen that opens. This will start searching for what you need to remove. Now when you select the Clean option they will be removed.

Trash cleaner helps to release some memory space occupied by system cache, gallery thumbnails, log files, empty folders, useless apps, memory, and downloaded files. With the ‘Advanced Cleaner’ option, you can clean large files having a size of more than 10mb. You can also send the ‘Accidental Deletion Feedback’ by selecting the file type, entering detailed information, adding an email address, and finally tapping on the send button.


Uninstall option

With the uninstall option, you can uninstall the apps which are not needed anymore and can save some of the unnecessarily used phone’s space as well as you can uninstall the system apps (if the device is rooted).


Speed Test

This feature of the app helps you to find the ping, download and upload speed. The feature is quite rare and helps to track and monitor the network connection speed of the device. You can also boost the network speed by minimizing or restricting the apps using the network.


App Manager

You can Scan and clean redundant APK files. Smart Task Manager transfer apps, games, or files, move to SD card easily without scrolling from one screen to another one! App Manager for moving internal storage apps to an external SD card will give you a lot of free space on your tablet or smartphone.

Using this option you can delete the apps installed on the Android device. Also, if the device is rooted, the apps in memory can be sent to the SD card.


Network Booster

This will check the internet connection of the Android device. When this icon is selected, the network connection is checked via the Ping command given on the screen that opens. Check download speed and upload speed and show details. Now when you click on the Boost button below, all the errors will be corrected and the internet connection will be faster.



With this option, you can check if there any malware in your Android device and you can remove that the malware properly. The security feature of DU Speed Booster app helps to provide security to your device running virus scans through the antivirus, having privacy advisor and app lock feature.


Junk File Cleaner

Small yet powerful cleaner master, Improve performance by intelligently scan the junk files. Such as residual files, cache, temp files, obsolete apks, and other big files. space saver Free up space.


App Lock

This feature will help you to protect your privacy is easier than ever. The fastest & safest app lock for android in the world; Security tool, easy to reset the password. Prevent others from accessing your important private apps such as Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Gallery, and so on.


Battery Saver

Yet another extension of DU Speed Booster which lets you increase phone’s life by optimizing and saving the battery and helps in running the device for a longer time.
Furthermore, the app provides some quick, language, operation and service settings through which you can change and modify the settings to enhance the device performance and keep it running smoothly.  Other options includes: About, Feedback, Update, Introduction, Phone Info and Contributors.


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