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After fully charging the battery of android devices such as smartphones and tablets, the device becomes overheated due to being connected to the power supply. In some cases, the devices may explode and even catch fire, as the devices that are connected to the power supply to charge the battery and do not remove from the power supply even after the battery is fully charged. Often this mistake is due to forgetting that the device is connected to the power supply. But using a battery management type app, you can make sure this mistake does not happen again and again. Among such apps, a full battery alarm pro is the most popular app.


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full battery alarm pro


Battery full alarm download

You can download the full battery alarm app on their website. fullbatteryalarm.com. Also, you can download the full battery alarm app from the google play store webpage by scanning the following QR code from any android phone.

battery full alarm download


Uses of full battery alarm pro

After the full battery alarm app is installed automatically as usual, you can access it by selecting the full battery alarm pro icon. After opening the app, at the top of the screen is an image showing the battery charge status.

Below the main screen, you can see some of the main activities related to the full battery alarm app. The first of these is the ‍ Stop button. If you want to stop the process of the app, you can select it.

An alarm can be set to indicate when the battery is fully charged. Its volume can be changed by the Volume button here.

From the three buttons at the bottom of the app interface, you can select the mode of indicating the battery charging process when it’s complete. Its default selection is the original ringtone. This is when the alarm goes off when the battery is charged. Instead, select Vibrate if you need to be notified by vibration. If the L.E.D bulb is lit to indicate that the charge is complete, you can select LED Light.


How to set alarm when phone is fully charged


Setting | Features of battery full alarm app

To enable or disable the app’s features, select the Settings button at the bottom of the main screen. This will open the Settings screen. It can be used to make the following settings.

Ring Alarm on silent mode – You can select this option to hear the alarm sound even If the device is in silent mode.

Auto Startup on Reboot – This should be selected if the app is to run automatically when rebooting after turning off the device.

Select Ringtone – This should be selected if you need to change the alarm indicating that the battery is charged.


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