Lifesum app; a complete health app offering smartwatch integration

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Lifesum app (i0S/Android, Free) is a fantastic hearth app that works across your devices. Designed to work with both your phone and your smartwatch, Lifesum’s Apple Watch Integration is simply fantastic: it also integrates with Apple Health to make sure that iOS users make the most out of their devices’ features.

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The latest version of Lifesum includes all the meal and exercise trackers that make the app popular, with updates that allow the app to suggest recipes that will fit within your particular dieting plan, making it easier for dieters to decide upon dinner. The app makes use of device pedometers so that it can track your movement and help accurately determine calorie loss.

Of course, a big part of fitness is remembering to drink enough water, and Lifesum places the amount of water you are drinking as a priority. The app contains a wide variety of diets that will help you to decide which one works for you to be healthy, as well as having overviews available of your current eating choices and exercise level so that you can focus on constant improvement.

With the Body Summary feature, you can see in real-time how in shape (or not in shape) you are. Lifesum is completely focused on maximizing your health. and any fitness fan will see the value in the app.


About the App

This is an android application developed and offered by Lifesum. for android users from all around the universe to help lose weight with a personalized diet plan. You have also the option to count calories and food tracker functions provide an overview of daily nutritional values.

This application is recently released on the google play store and get famous in a short period of time. It is placed in the Health & Fitness category of google play store and also it has a positive rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars on google play store. This application is downloaded by more than 2.5 lac users (256,078) from all around the world.


The top feature of lifesum app

Weight loss and diet plan

Lose weight with a personalized diet plan. Take our test to discover which food planner is the most suitable based on schedule and lifestyle. From fasting, paleo to sugar-free diets and everything in between, we have the right plan to achieve any weight loss goal.

Recipes and meal planner

Healthy recipes to support all meal plans. Stuck in a diet rut? Explore tasty keto recipes, beat cravings with a no sugar meal plan or search for paleo food lists and snacks.

A calorie counter and food planner

Calorie counter and food tracker functions provide an overview of daily nutritional values. Did a workout today? Go premium and sync Lifesum with FitBit, Runkeeper, Moves and other fitness apps.

Food diary and macro tracker

Macros mythbusting. It’s easy with our macro tracker – reach the right type of energy consumption with the macro calculator. Simply scan barcodes for macros and nutritional information, or enter manually.



Lifesum is holistic in the truest sense of the word, and we don’t just mean health; it is a fully integrated app for fitness that works with both your mobile device and smartwatch. This helps you stay on top of your health better than ever before.


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