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There are apps designed to edit photos taken from devices running the Android operating system. Among them, the Modiface Photo Editor or modiface app, which is designed to edit a face photo, is very popular.

The app is a realization of a project completed at Stanford University in 1999. It puts automatic face analysis technology in the palm of your hands that is more than impressive and interesting. From 2001 to 2006 the software moved to the University of Toronto where it picked up the development of signal processing algorithms and won an innovation prize from MIT.  was founded in 2006 and holds a leading portfolio on skin analysis and facial visualization.

In fact, the software you get to explore via the ModiFace app is the facial visualization software in use by more than 150 websites. The ModiFace technology is featured in more than 60 million downloads and powers an array of apps that feature personalized makeup and hairstyle applications. The app’s technology has won a variety of awards. Inc 500/500 and Profit Hot recognized the company as the fastest-growing company in 2015. The company also won the Lifestyle Category in the Samsung Challenge.


Why You Have to Try It

Kewl Girls have come to expect more than simply style and fashion from us and this app tends to open our eyes in a whole new way. It is considered the ultimate selfie editing app but easily doubles as a facial style generator. The app is designed to help you remove blemishes and imperfections while smoothing and brightening your skin. It also enables you to literally put on various looks. Try on more than 2,000 shades of eyeshadows, lipsticks, lashes, eyeliners, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, foundations, and more. It packs a healthy amount of hairstyles with varying colors, lengths, and styles as well.


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modiface app

Modiface app free download

You can download the modiface app on this website. Also, you can download the Modiface Photo Editor App from the google play store webpage by scanning the following QR code from any android phone.

modiface app free download


Customize picture with modiface photo editor

After installing this app, you can select the Photo Editor icon and access it. Now click on the Select a photo from the button at the top right of the screen to select a photo. In the menu that opens, select Gallery, and select a photo in the photo gallery of the android device. Or you can select the Camera and take a photo. After selecting a photo, you can make changes to it with the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Looks – When this button is selected, a series of buttons appear that can adjust the look of the face. The first of these is Clear all options. If you have made any adjustments using this app before, you should remove it with this button. You can then configure it from scratch.

Makeup – Through this option, You can put makeup on your face.

Crop – Unwanted parts around a photo can be cut and removed.

Enhance – Image brightness can be adjusted. Here you can see the adjustable Brightness, Contrast, and Sharpness handles. Now you can use these to adjust the brightness and brightness of the image.

Whiten – Teeth can be whitened in a photo of ten smiling poses.

Eyes – The size and brightness of the eyes can be adjusted.

Contacts – Different colored lenses can be used as a lens.

Slim – The look on the face can be hairy.

After adjusting the photo, select the Compare button at the top right and you can see the difference between the look of the photo before and after the modification. So, if there is something wrong it can be reset your photo.

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You can share your modified picture

You can even share the improved photo on social media. To do so, select the Share button in the upper right corner. Then you can select Facebook from the menu and share the photo through Facebook. If you choose Email instead, you can mail the photo to any account from here. If you want to keep the photo on your android device without doing anything, you need to select the Gallery option. This photo will then be saved in the gallery containing the other photos.

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