Prisma App | that convert your photos into paintings

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Prisma app; is an interesting app that can be used to upload a photo and instantly change it to look like a painting. Prisma, an application that has attracted 1 million daily users as of Thursday, is reinventing the concept of filtering photos with technology. While the concept of adding filters to photos has been around for years, the Prisma iOS app is exclusive within the way that it relies on a “combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence” to remake the image.

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The Prisma app specializes in its effects. These effects are based on world-renowned artists’ paintings. Therefore, when that effect is applied, the photograph changes according to the relevant art style.

This app is also able to automatically select the most suitable effect for a particular photo.

An artificial intelligence (AI) program is implemented here to identify the characteristics of the photograph and apply the appropriate effect.

prisma app


Prisma app; that converts your photo into paintings

How can I download Prisma app

This app can be downloaded from

Also, you can download the app from the Google play store web page that scans the QR code shown next to it from an android phone.


Photo processing

When you download the Prisma photo editor, it installs automatically. When this is opened the camera is activated so you can take a photo instantly.

Or you can select a photo from the image gallery on the android device. To do this, select the Gallery icon at the bottom right of the screen.
Then the image gallery opens. You must select a photo of it. The selected photo can be cropped and rotated. When the photo is taken, the effect list appears at the bottom of the screen.

You can see the other effects of doing it on the left side. When any of these effects is selected, it is applied to the photo. You can then hover over the photo and drag it to the right to enhance the look of the effect on the photo, or drag the left to reduce the look of the effect on the photo. The resulting images are saved in the Image Gallery.

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How can remove the watermark of Prisma photo editor?

After creating a photo using the Prisma app, the watermark related to the app will be displayed in the upper right corner. If you want to remove this, first open the Prisma app and then select the Settings icon on the right-hand side. This will give you the Settings screen for the Prisma app. The Enable Watermarks should be changed to Off toggle switch in front of it. Then select the Done button.

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