Explore numerous worlds as gabber the hammer-flinging leprechaun

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To say that Super Adventure of Jabber (Android, Free) was inspired by Super Mario Brothers could prove to be an understatement. Besides its title, this fact is made more apparent by its inclusion of elements such as collecting coins and power-ups that increase size, Jumping, breaking blocks, and pipes.

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Nonetheless, that’s not to say this app is lacking in originality. In fact, Super Adventure of Jabber could actually be considered as a great mixture of different games from various genres. For one. Jabber is able to throw hammers at monsters, and you are allowed to upgrade him. These can be purchased by spending coins and gems you collect along the way, and they usually involve lengthening power-ups, raising the limit of lives and hammers you can collect, etc. You may also get free gems from chests regularly given out.

The app incorporates the level progression standard, wherein you need to complete different levels of one world. Once you defeat the boss of a world, only then are you allowed to advance to the next one. Each world has unique settings and monsters; from lush lands and arid deserts filled with insects and snails and machine cities populated by automatons.

About the App

This is an android application developed and offered by gameone. for android users from all around the universe to Explore numerous worlds as an arcade game. Also, you can play this game with 22 different monsters from the former versions.

This application is recently released on the google play store and get famous in a short period of time. It is placed in the Arcade category of google play store and also it has a positive rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars on google play store. This application is downloaded by more than 1.4 lac users (141,444) from all around the world.


The top feature of super adventure of Jabber

  1. 90 new levels
  2. A Jabber with 3D appearance
  3. 6 scenarios with magnificent graphics
  4. 22 different monsters from the former versions
  5. Jabber can transform his size, marvelous experience!



A game that offers content that is as numerous and vast as this is bound to easily get a number of players hooked, especially if its gameplay is easy to get the hang of. Once players progress to later worlds and encounter its challenging bosses, the game is sure to provide engrossing entertainment.

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