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Singapore is the first country in the world to launch a national mobile phone app to track down people infected with the COVID 19 virus. In addition to the app called Trace Together (, Singapore is now developing a new portable or wearable device for the public. Known as the Trace together token, this electronic device sets up a Bluetooth communication network between the public.

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Singapore has started distributing Bluetooth contact-tracing tokens to its five million residents to help contain the spread of Covid-19.

The tokens, which can be worn on a lanyard or carried, are a hardware version of its existing contact-tracing app which was rolled out in March.

Like the app, they use Bluetooth to look for other users’ devices and then log any contact with those devices.

They could be popular with older people who do not use smart phones.

The government also hopes the tokens will help to further reopen the economy, by enabling conferences to restart and providing better tracing in higher risk settings, such as busy hotels, cinemas and gyms.

The initial rollout is happening in areas with a greater concentration of elderly people, who are both at a greater health risk from Covid-19 and less likely to own a smart phone.

But the token will be available to all citizens, including foreign residents.

Singapore residents currently check-in to shops and office buildings using a separate SafeEntry system, that makes use of QR codes to log users’ presence.

For some higher-risk activities, SafeEntry will now also require the app or token to check in.


Tracetogether token; A new device to warn people about corona infections is coming from Singapore.


This Bluetooth device, which drains the battery in about nine months, releases a BlueTooth signal when it is carried in a pocket or bag or worn around the body. It checks to see if there is another similar device or smartphone nearby that has the Tracetogether app installed. When found, the detection signal from both devices is exchanged and stored between the two devices. Now imagine these devices getting closer to more devices. It then collects the detection signal coming from those devices. The information exchanged remains on the token for 25 days.

trace together token

trace together token

If a person who has used such a token is found to be infected with COVID-19 one day, he should hand over his token to the health authorities. Then by going through the information in it, you can identify others who are as close as possible to being infected with the virus.

An app or token provided by the Government of Singapore ensures that no privacy is compromised. The app does not collect G.P.S or retrieve any personal data on the smartphone.

Despite such assurances, the public is skeptical that the smartphone will be connected to the Internet and activated. In Singapore, as in other parts of the world, the download percentage of the trace together contact tracing app is a bit lower. Currently, 2,100,000 people are using this app. It is about 36% of the total population of 5,800,000. Singapore, on the other hand, has more than 50,000 people infected with corona. 45,000 of them have been cured. The death count was 27.

The Singaporean government wants to control the situation and prevent the spread of disease. That’s why we need to introduce a new technology tool for adults who do not use a smartphone as well as those who are reluctant to use a smartphone app. The trace together token device is one such.

In the first round, the token device will be given to adults in Singapore. After that; it is the intention of the Government of Singapore to provide it to all citizens.


Apps around the world

Singapore was the first government to introduce a contact tracing app nationally in March.

Since then, about 2.4 million people have downloaded the app, with about 1.4 million using it in August.

Singapore government figures have long acknowledged that those numbers need to increase to make the app and the token effective.

But the Ministry of Health said the program has helped to reduce the time it takes to identify and quarantine close contacts of Covid-19 cases from four days to two.

The city-state has been more enthusiastic about contact tracing apps than many other countries, which have been slower to introduce apps or have struggled to make good use of them.

England and Wales, for example, won’t introduce their app until later this month, while Australia has struggled to get any information from the app that it didn’t get by regular contact tracing.

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