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WPS Office app is one of the most popular apps that can be used to open and edit documents created by using Microsoft office or library office packages on Android devices as well. This is an Office program that can be run on android, windows, and ios as well as Linux based operating systems.

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Android office suite

best free office app for android

Best free office app for android

Documents prepared using any other Office package can be opened and worked through the WPS Office program, just as documents prepared using the WPS Office package can be opened and worked through any other Office package.

You can download the WPS Office App on their website. wps.com/android

Also, you can download the WPS office app from the google play store webpage by scanning the following QR code from any android phone. After installing it, you need to select and open the WPS Office icon in the apps of the android device. If you want to open a pre-configured Office file, select the Open button at the top. Then you can open a file on the android device through the Open page.


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Create a new word document

To create an Office file using WPS Office, select the button with the + sign at the bottom right of the main screen. It then shows four icons. Below that is the icon for accessing the Word Processing program. Word documents should be handled by going through it.

When this icon is selected, a new document screen appears. Select the blank there. You will get a blank page where you can edit the document. The customizable tool does not appear here. If you need them, select the Tools button below. This will display a series of tabs under each of the relevant menus. It allows you to save the document, share it, edit the PDF, etc. with the button inside the file. You can resize the document by selecting the page setup from the view tab here.

All you have to do is go through the font tab and select the font, bold, italicize, and set the font color. The paragraph tab here allows you to select paragraph settings, and the style tab allows you to select different paragraph patterns. Open the Insert tab to insert tables, formats, and images into the document.


How to create a spreadsheet in excel

android office suite

Create a new spreadsheet

You need to select the new spreadsheet icon to handle the workbook set up by a program like Excel. This will open the WPS Office spreadsheet program. Here too the workbook can be customized as required. This should be done by selecting the desired tab from the Tools menu that appears when the tools icon is selected.


Create a new presentation

You must select a new presentation icon to handle a presentation prepared by a program such as PowerPoint. This opens the WPS Office presentation program. Presentation, animation, and other settings can be done here.

The document, workbook, and presentation prepared in this way will be displayed on the main screen of the WPS Office after being saved on the android device. Clicking on them will reopen as usual. From there you can edit them as you did before.

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