Glasswire Data Usage Monitor [Windows]

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From the moment a computer is connected to the Internet, it cannot be assumed that it is fully functional as it should be. This is because various programs can be unknowingly installed on the computer. Also, various files on their computer can be uploaded to other places. Because spyware programs collect information about the workings of the computer. There are specialized computer programs that are more convenient than the operating system or antivirus program to prevent such things from happening on your computer. Glasswire data usage monitor is one such program.

The GlassWire program also provides information about the nature of their Internet usage. So you can use this program to find out if the work you have been doing on the internet for some time is safe and effective.

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What is GlassWire Data Usage Monitor?


Glasswire review

glasswire data usage monitor

Glasswire Download

The GlassWire program is completely free. It can be downloaded from Once you have downloaded the GlassWire program, you need to double-click on the setup file and allow it to install. Once the GlassWire program is installed,  it will start running automatically. From then on, when the computer is connected to the internet, that Glasswire application running in the background on your computer. You need to go to the GlassWire application window to know the information it collects while running.


Glasswire application window

To access the GlassWire Application window, enter GlassWire in the search bar in Windows 8. The corresponding icon will then be displayed. In the case of Windows 7 or older; you can open the GlassWire program in the same way as you go through the Start menu. When the GlassWire program is installed; the GlassWire icon is added to the system tray. You can also access the application window by clicking on it.

When you access the GlassWire application window, the Graph tab is the first thing selected. Here’s a graphic showing how their computer works in conjunction with the Internet. If something is downloaded to a computer, this chart shows it in yellow color. Uploads are shown in red color.

By showing these details, the time frame for setting the graph can be set with the buttons on the top right. The average selected here is 5 Minutes. That means is, it shows details of the usage of the internet in the last five minutes on your computer. If you increase this time and adjust, the graph will shrink. To see the finer details, this time frame should be shortened and the graph detailed. You can select 3 Hours to see the last 3 Hours’ activities; also you can select 24 Hours and Week option to see the usage of the internet.


Glasswire Firewall

Also, there is special firewall program with Glasswire data usage monitor application. It checks the functionality of all the software running on the computer. It specifically checks to see if there is any upload or download that the user is unaware of when the software is activated. Also, that can check the information collected and displayed on your computer to see if the file has been uploaded or downloaded by some unknown program. These details are displayed when the Firewall tab at the top of the Glasswire Application window is selected.


Internet Usage Report

Through Glasswire you can see all the details about the capacity that has been uploaded or downloaded in a given period of time, the software used for it, and the websites related to that work. To get the full details of Internet usage from your computer; you need to select the Usage tab in the Glasswire application window. The circle graph on the left side of the window shows the details of uploading and downloading. The section to the right of it appears to consist of three parts.

The first thing that appears here is Apps. Here are the details of the programs or applications that have been used for uploading or downloading.

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Internet Usage Monitor

On the right side of the Glasswire interface, that indicates details of the website (host) which you uploaded or downloaded through your computer. That is, the downloaded or uploaded capacity of each web service or IP address can be viewed under this.

You can use the Month, Week, and Day buttons at the top right to view details of your previous month, week, or day of Internet usage, respectively.

In addition to these; messages provided by the software on various issues related to Internet usage are displayed in the Alerts tab at the top of the Glasswire window.


Glasswire Data Usage Monitor Setting

You can customize the settings for the GlassWire program as you wish. To do this, click on the GlassWire menu in the upper left corner of the GlassWire application window. If you want to change the colors shown in the charts, you have to select the Skins sub-menu and select the desired skin. If you want to make settings related to the GlassWire application window; select Settings. This will open the Settings box. You can select the Client tab and make the basic settings for the program. The details of the various settings are as follows.

Run Startup – This option should be unchecked if the software does not need to be enabled when accessing the computer.

Enable Notification – If you do not want to receive messages about Internet usage, you must uncheck it here.

Clear history – If you want to remove the information you have collected from the GlassWire program about how you have used the Internet; you must also select the time to remove it from the dropdown menu under this and click the Clear button next to it.

You can stop record details of your internet usage on Glasswire application, and use other all features as usual. To do so, click on Incognito On in the GlassWire menu. This prompts you for the Windows operating system password. The GlassWire program does not collect information about Internet usage until you click Incognito Off again.

You can also stop receiving notifications from the Glasswire program. To do this, select Snooze on from the Glasswire menu. Then it will stop receiving notifications from now on. When you want to get notifications again; you have to select Snooze off from that menu.

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