What is Microsoft Teams?

microsoft teams review

Microsoft Teams is a Collaborative computer program that conducts video and audio conversations, chats, and webinars over the Internet. This article about, Microsoft teams review; so at the end of this article you will become familiar with How to use Microsoft teams.

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How to use microsoft teams

how to use microsoft teams

Microsoft teams download

You no longer need to worry about Collaborative type of applications like Office 365 and SharePoint now that Microsoft Teams is free to use. Now ms teams are available to students and teachers to download without any cost from this website; microsoft.com. Also; you can access that website by using this short web address; bit.ly/32WHssH.

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Create an account on Microsoft Teams

After you have visited the above-mentioned website. To register or set up an account, click on the Get your entire school set up link located on the webpage (check the below screenshot). Then you have to fill in the form on the open page.

microsoft teams

Enter your email address in the Business email address field and your phone number in the Business phone number field. After filling in the rest of the information, as usual, click the Next button here. This will open the Create your user ID page. In the user name field, you can give it a name of your choice. The name given to your company here should be a bit special. If it is used elsewhere, please give it another name instead.

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The account or user ID created in this way should be used when logging in to Microsoft Teams. Enter the required password in the Create password field.

Then you have to click on Create my account option. Then it will bring in to you the next page. The given phone will also receive a code number from Microsoft. On the next page, you have to enter the code number and select Next again. Then Save this info. You’ll need it later page will open. You need to save the web address portal.office.com under the Sign-in page and the relevant user ID under your user ID.

microsoft teams meeting


After that, you have click on the You’re ready to go link. This will open the Welcome to office 365 Education page. Now click on the Next button. If you have a domain name you can type it on the page that opens. Otherwise, you have to click on the Close button.

Now you have to go portal.office.com web address. Type your User ID in the previous “Save this info. You’ll need it later” page and select the Next button. This will take you to the Office 365 page. Now you have to select the Teams icon here. This will take you to the Microsoft Teams page.

Now click on Get the windows app and download the Microsoft Teams software which is compatible with the Windows operating system. Alternatively, you can access the web application by clicking on the Use the web app instead of options. If you have downloaded the software, you need to log in using the above username and password.

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Create your teams

After logging in to Microsoft Teams, select the Teams tab on the left side of the Microsoft Teams window to set up and work with teams. This will open the Select a team type box. Now you have to click class in there. This will open the create your team box.

You must type the group name in the Name field. In the Description field, enter the required description of your group. Then click the Next button and then click the Skip button. The team is now set up.

Now you can upload things like tutorials by clicking the File button at the top. You can also link word documents, PowerPoint documents, and even a Youtube channel by clicking the + sign button at the top.

is microsoft teams free


Create Schedule

Click on the Meet now button to schedule a time when the team will meet. This will show a black box. Click on Schedule a meeting. This shows the relevant settings. Click on Schedule a New meeting here. Use the page that opens and then click the button after setting up the appointment. The web site or web link where this appointment is made will be sent as emails to those who wish to join the team.


Join and start your meeting

Before the start meeting or conversation, a prepared ‘meeting’ should be opened. To do this, click on the icon to the right of the relevant meeting in the Teams tab and click on the View meeting details button in the menu that appears. This will show a Join button at the top right of the window. Click on this to start the meeting.

The camera and microphone can be activated as required by the black box on the screen that opens. Then the meeting will start when you click on the Join now button.

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After the start of the video conference, the attendance of the participants is shown in red next to the People icon below. When clicked on, the list of participants is displayed on the right. They can be associated with the encounter by selecting the icon with the (√) sign next to those names.

Even during this conference, you can copy and paste this link to contact others by clicking on the Copy Join info link at the top of the People panel on the right.

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