How to use whatsapp

how to use whatsapp

The service itself offers many facilities to manage your Whatsapp account as required. Here, we describe how to use WhatsApp mobile app properly.

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how to use whatsapp

WhatsApp backup

To get a full back-up of your Whatsapp account, you need to open your app as usual and go to Settings from the menu at the top right corner. Then you can see the Whatsapp menu.

When you select the Chats option here, you have to go through with the Chat backup option from the menu that appears. This will open the Chat backup page.

In the Account option here, select the Gmail account that back-up the information in this Whatsapp account. After that, you need to choose how to backup the chat. To do so, select Back up to Google Drive at the bottom. From the menu that appears, select the time at which you want to back up automatically.

If you select the Daily option, all chats will be back-up daily. Alternatively, you can select Weekly Backup and Monthly Backup also.

If you do not want to back up automatically, you can select “Only when I tap Backup” and back up at any other time. If you do not want to back up the chat, select the Never option here.

When the “Only when I tap Backup” option is selected from that option, select the Backup button here to backup the chat. This will back up the Whatsapp message to Google Drive.


How to delete WhatsApp messages

Here are some ways in which you can delete a message in your account or all messages in it. They are as follows.

In order to select a message in the account and just delete it, select that chat from the Whatsapp main screen. Now you need to tap on the message or photo you want to delete. A few icons will appear at the top. You must select the Delete icon from them. From the menu that appears, select “Delete for me” and delete the message from your account.

If there is a message sent by yourself, if it is deleted by selecting “Delete for Everyone” within an hour of sending it, then it will be removed from the recipient’s Whatsapp account. This is the best way to remove unwanted messages sent by mistake.

You can delete all the Whatsapp messages you have received and sent at once. There are two ways to do this. One way is to delete only the messages that appear in the account. Then they stay on the phone longer. It can also be completely deleted if not needed.

To delete all the messages in one of these two ways, go to Settings> Chats> Chats history> Clear all chat in Whatsapp. You will see a message asking how to delete it. You can delete only the messages that appear in the Whatsapp account by selecting Clear all Message here. This will remove the text messages completely.

But messages with videos or photos are stored in the phone’s gallery. These can be removed through the gallery if needed. To do this, open the Gallery icon on the android device and open Albums> WhatsApp Image respectively. Then select the photo or video you want to delete and select Delete to remove it. Or you can keep them further in the gallery.

If you want to delete photos or videos without having to keep them on your mobile phone anymore, select “Clear all chat” from the message box and select the Delete media from my phone check box. Finally, select the “Clear all Message”.


How to delete all messages

As mentioned earlier, when deleting a message, the chat list can be found in the WhatsApp main menu. If you want to remove them completely, you have to go through Settings> Chats> Chat history> Delete all chats.


How to delete whatsapp account

If everything in the WhatsApp account is unnecessary, So you can delete your account completely. However, in addition to the WhatsApp account, deleting the WhatsApp message history, WhatsApp group that you have set up and WhatsApp backup messages that have been backed up to google drive will also be deleted.

If you want to remove it, click on the menu at the top right corner of the App screen and go to Settings. You can see the Settings screen. Now you have to select Delete my account from the menu that appears when you select Account. This will open the Delete my account screen. Now you can enter your WhatsApp phone number in it and select the Delete my account button and delete the account completely.


How to restore a backup

To restore a WhatsApp back-up, you need to uninstall and reinstall the app on your android device. There you have to select the google drive used for WhatsApp. Then select the google drive from which you previously backed up the file and select Continue. You will then see a message asking for permission to retrieve the backed up files. In it, you have to select Give permission. Finally, select Restore and you can retrieve all the messages.


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