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hulu apk mod

Do you like to watch a lot of new tv shows on your mobile phone? Are you tired of looking for the best live tv streaming apps? Surely I can imagine your answer is yes, that because there is a lot of live streaming app in the google play store with a different name, size, etc. Among them “Hulu mod apk” is a modern one. Basically, You can watch new TV shows, Hulu Originals, sports, live news, and more with the Hulu android app.

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hulu mod apk

About Hulu mod apk

This is an android application developed and offered by Hulu. for android users from all around the universe to get the best experience about live tv streeming. This is another android application just like NetFlix. You have also the option to Watch shows, stream movies, browse episodes.

This application is recently released on the google play store and get famous in a short period of time. It is placed in the Entertainment category of google play store and also it has a positive rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars on google play store. This application is downloaded by more than four lac users (439,928) from all around the world.

Whether you want to watch new TV shows, rewatch your favorite series or want to discover the latest movies you’ll have everything you need with Hulu.

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Information about Hulu mod apk

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9.9. MB

Required Android

Android 5.0+



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December 16, 2020

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Hulu app download

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What is Hulu

If you’ve never heard of Hulu you’ve definitely been living under a rock. Hulu is a streaming service known for its great original content such as Handmaid’s Tale, casual, and little fires everywhere.

Hulu also has a unique feature of releasing new episodes the following day afters aired on live television. Such as this is us, and Brooklyn nine-nine. In the best part, it’s affordable. keep in mind we’re talking about Hulu. The on-demand streaming service. not Hulu live. which is the live TV streaming service.

Otherwise, I’m going to go over Hulu’s plans original new and old content you can stream with Hulu, and other nice perks you get with this on-demand streaming service. So let’s get into the details to find out which plan is best for you.


Hulu plans and prices

So Hulu has two plants. Basic has limited ads and premium has zero ads. The basic plan is just six books per month. Not bad right. But what do limited ads mean? When you watch an episode of Parks and Recreation you might only see one 15-second ad. Sometimes there won’t even be one ad. When you watch a movie the experience will feel similar to watching cable TV. You can see up to 8 ad breaks that last as little as 15 seconds or as long as 90 seconds.

When you watch a one-hour hoove original like little fires everywhere. you’ll likely see five of those ad breaks. if you’re used to watching like to be with commercials. this might not be a bother. You’d be saving some cash but I know most of you will one uninterrupted washing experience. So if you’re a serious binge watcher or simply just don’t have patience for the interruption of ads you’ll want to upgrade to that no ad plan for $12 per month.

The best part about Hulu’s plans. You have the option to bundle with ESPN Plus and Disney Plus. So why not add more sports and Disney movies to your life. If you decide to go the Hulu limited ads are out you get all three streaming services for $13. and if you want Hulu without ads the trifecta will be $19 per month. So either way, it’s just $7 more than if you were to get Hulu by itself. and $7 is actually the monthly price of disney plus alone. So why not tack on ESPN plus as well.


Hulu’s content

Hulu’s content originals, new, and classics. Let’s start with the original content who offers that you can’t find anywhere else. you might have heard of little fires everywhere with the Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington or maybe Castle Rock which is inspired by Stephen King’s books. and other popular originals include Charlotte’s Romney and Marvel Runaways.

Who feel released his quality original content quite often. The best part about Hulu in my opinion is how quickly they air recent episodes from network and cable TV.

So for example. If you’re all cut up on this is us and want to watch the new episode the day after it airs. on Monday night. you’re going to want Hulu. they’ll be ready for you to watch at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time the following Tuesday morning. this is the same for The Bachelor Saturday Night Live The Voice and who wants to be a millionaire. this next day feature is perfect for those who want to cut the cord and don’t want to pay for a cable bill anymore.

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Hulu content vs Netflix

You won’t have to give up on some of your favorite shows. As for other on-demand content enjoy older content like hitch Zombieland, I Love Lucy, The Golden Girls, and Kill Bill the only downside to Hulu is the library isn’t nearly as big as Netflix. To compare Netflix has about 6,000 movies and TV shows while Hulu has just over 4,000.

But it comes with the price because who lose a few yards less than Netflix. so hey just jump on that Netflix Hulu bandwagon like the rest of us. but like all on-demand streaming services Hulu doesn’t have sports. you’ll have to get a live TV streaming service for that.

Blue live is actually one of the best live TV streamer services for sports with 16 sports channels like ESPN fs1 CBS Sports Network and the SEC network. But of course, they’re probably just interested in Hulu on a master me service so it’s worth mentioning that Hulu actually has a sports genre so you can enjoy movies such as warrior and TV shows like WWE Monday Night Raw without cable TV.

If you go for the ESP Plus Disney’s plus bundle. ESPN Plus will give you live events and news on over 20different sports and parents are those who have nieces and nephews will also love Hulu. what do you need to distract your little ones while you’re working or taking a phone call just turn on Hulu. they’ll have movies like horton hears a who and Madagascar two educational series like Sesame Street in doc McStuffins and classic cartoons such as the Rugrats and the Powerpuff Girls. Hulu also lets you create a kid profile – your children will only be able to watch content. that’s appropriate for kids up to age 12.

Hulu mod apk

this comes in handy when you mindlessly hand your cell phone to your little one while you’re busy making dinner and you and your kids can watch you on most devices such as iPhones Android smartphones tablets Apple TV’s fire TV Roku Xbox one you name it.

If you’re not already convinced that you should get Hulu let me recap everything Hulu has to offer.

you get lots of Hulu original content and you get love as older on-demand content. both of which get updated quite often you’ll have something new to watch every single month. Also, you get all this for about six to twelve dollars or you can choose the bundle with ESPN plus and Disney Plus by just adding seven dollars extra to your monthly bill.

You’d be crazy not to. and lastly, everyone in the family including the kids will have something to watch whether you waiting at the DMV riding on the train to work, or simply having a few kickback hours at home. enjoy all the Hula content Disney Marvel Pixar and Star Wars content with to me Plus and live events and sports news ESPN plus.

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