Interactive Whiteboard Review 2020 {OpenBoard}

OpenBoard is a computer program that can convert a desktop or laptop computer into a whiteboard. These are called interactive whiteboard programs.

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After installing such a program on a computer, the entire screen can be used as a digital whiteboard. The program provides the tools needed to write on the whiteboard and handle other tasks.

The interactive whiteboard program is easy to use if you are using a laptop with a touch screen. Alternatively, you can use the interactive whiteboard with the mouse or the touchpad.

When a computer with such an interactive whiteboard program installed is connected to a multimedia projector, teachers can manipulate and teach it through their own computer.

interactive whiteboard

OpenBoard Program

This ‘OpenBoard’ program, is an open-source program, that can be download from any cost.

When you download this Openboard program, you have to double-click on the setup file and let it install. This setup program can be download to any computer with an internet connection. After the download process, you can install it on another computer without any internet connection. To do that you can get a copy of the original setup file to an external drive, like a Pendrive. You do not need to have an internet connection with those computers to install and run the program.


OpenBoard Application window

After installing the OpenBoard software, you need to select the Open Board icon in the Start menu to access it in Windows 10. This will open the OpenBoard application window. Here you can see two toolbars above and below. To access and remove the Stylus toolbar at the bottom, you have to click the Stylus button in the upper left corner of the toolbar.

The toolbar at the bottom of the OpenBoard window is used to make various changes to the whiteboard related to writing and write. The whiteboard can be customized as necessary by using the individual tools in the bottom toolbar.

interactive whiteboard tool bar

(A) Annotate the document; This tool is used to write something on the whiteboard, just like using a marker pen with your free hand. After selecting this, you can select the desired color from the colors on the left in the toolbar at the top and write something on the whiteboard.

You can start drawing using this tool by clicking on any color on the toolbar, even without clicking on this tool and selecting it. You can also draw something on the whiteboard of the desired thickness after selecting the desired line thickness through the Line on the toolbar.

(B) Clear the annotation; This tool is used to delete something written on the whiteboard. You can also delete something on the whiteboard by selecting the Eraser tool from the top toolbar in the application window. If you want to completely clear the whiteboard instead of deleting part of what you wrote on the whiteboard, you must click the Erase tool in the toolbar at the top.

OpenBoard Whiteboard  Toolbar


(C) Highlight; This is used to highlight something on the whiteboard.

(D) Select and modify objects; When you click on this tool and click on an object on the whiteboard, it will be selected. Now you can resize the selected part using the handles around it. You can also copy that object by clicking the Copy button. You must use the (X) mark icon to delete the selected object at once.

(E) Interacting with objects; This is used to select a part of a drawn sketch on a whiteboard and move it around.

(F) Move page; This tool is used to select and move the entire whiteboard.

(G) Zooming in and Zoom out; Both of these tools are used to make the screen zoom and zoom out.

(H) Using the laser pointer; This is used to show a specific point on the whiteboard as shown by a laser point.

(I) Draw a straight line; Used to draw straight lines.

(J) Write text; This tool is used to type something on the whiteboard. After selecting this, you need to click on the whiteboard, drag and drop to create a text box. Then you can type whatever you want.

(K) Capturing a part of the screen; This option is used to get a copy of a part of the screen by clicking and dragging.

(L) Show the virtual keyboard; Used to open the virtual keyboard.


Change background on the interactive whiteboard.

We can change the background of the whiteboard as we want. To do this, select the Background icon at the top of the whiteboard. This will open a box showing how can we change the background. You need to select the desired Background mode.


Close the OpenBoard interactive whiteboard Program

There is no close button on the OpenBoard application window as there is in other programs. Therefore, if you want to close this program, you need to get Quit from the open board menu. Otherwise, you can close this program by using the F4 key with the Alt key on the keyboard.

There are now special computer programs designed to change the computer screen as use as a normal digital ‌whiteboard.

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