Mailbird Review 2020; How to use Mailbird

Email Client is a special computer program used to exchange electronic messages. Moreover, the online email client program is a service like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc that can access through your web browser with an internet connection. These services are not just like programs installed on your computer because these are controlled by those agencies. This article about the Mailbird review and how to use Mailbird.

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mailbird pro review

Mailbird review; How to use Mailbird 

In addition, they are email client programs that can be installed and run as a normal program on your computer. They come with a lot of advantages such as you can move individual emails and folders between accounts. For Example, Microsoft outlook‌, thunderbird, etc. Among these services, Mailbird is also a popular program.


How to install Mailbird

This Mailbird‌ program can be downloaded and installed for free from the website Of course, you can try, it’s totally free. The Maildbird interface is pretty simple, also has modern look. It also has all the features that an email‌ client program should have. When using multiple email accounts, all those email accounts can be linked to this and work without a doubt.


Get access to Mailbird

Once you have downloaded the Mailbird program, you need to double-click on the setup file and let it install. After installing it, you need to select the Mailbird icon from the Start menu to access it in Windows 10.

When you open that Mailbird program for your first time you can see the Add Account box. You have to type your name in the Your name field here. Also, you have to Enter the email address associated with the Mailbird‌ program in the Email field.

It then allows you to access the email account as usual through the web service you use. In that case, you have to enter the password in the Password field related to the Email account and click the Allow button to agree to use the Email service through the Mailbird program. After that, the Customize Mailbird box will open.

It’s time to Customize Mailbird

At the top of the Customize Mailbird box that opens, you can see there are two layouts under Select your preferred. From that, you have to select the layout to display to Email. The blue color layout is the default choice here.

If you want to choose another color instead, you can choose the color by clicking on the circular button next to Choose theme color. Then click on the Continue button here. The Mailbird window will now look like an Email account.

When you click on Inboxes in the tabs on the left-hand side, it will show all the emails received to the email account which is you connected with the Mailbird‌ program. When you click on that email message, that message will be displayed.

As usual, you can see one inbox with the Maibird program because only one email account is connected for the first time. Later when multiply email accounts connected, the inbox of all those accounts is shown here.

mailbird review

Add emails account to Mailbird

We know that the Mailbird program can work not only with one email account but also with several accounts at once. To do so, click on the Menu button at the top left. In the menu that appears, go to Settings. This will open the Settings window.

Now you can select the Account option on the left-hand side. This will show the current email account. After that click the Add button here. This will open the Add account box. From there, you can link another email account in the same way you connect your first email account.

The most important thing is you can remove an email account that has been added to Mailbird if it is not necessary. To do this, you have to open the Account tab in the Settings box as described above. Now click on the name of the email account you want to delete and then click on the Remove button on the right. Then that email account will be removed.

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Send Emails through Mailbird‌

To send an email message to another account through the Mailbird program, you must click the Compose button in the upper left. This will open the Compose window. It allows you to send a new email just like you would send a normal email.

Mailbird Review


Set up Application window settings

To change the color and appearance of the Mailbird application window, click on the menu at the top right, and select Settings. This will open the Mailbird Settings box. From the tabs on the left, you have to select Appearance. Now you can choose the color and layout as you want.

To enlarge or minimize the text and image sizes, you have to select the Scaling tab on the left in the Setting box in the Mailbird applications window. Then there are several adjustable sliders on the right. When you make changes using them, you will see the difference in the application window.

To customize and set the date, time you have to select the Snoozes tab at the bottom of the Settings box. Now you can select the start time of the day, the start date of the week, etc. from the settings on the right.

Mailbird review

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