One of the Most Popular System Cleaner Program

how to run ccleaner

What is CCleaner?

As the computer continues to work for a long time, the order of the Windows registry may change. It can also accumulate temporary files in the Windows operating system, as well as unwanted and temporary files in web browsers. This slows down the computer over time. System cleaner type programs are used to troubleshoot these errors and maintain the efficiency of the computer. CCleaner is one of the most popular system cleaner programs in the world today.

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ccleaner download free

CCleaner download free

The free version of this program can be downloaded for free from Now you can double-click on the downloaded setup program and let it install. On a computer with an Internet connection, you can download this setup program. Also, you can store it on an external drive, such as a pen drive, and install it on any other computer. You do not need to have an internet connection with those computers to install and run the program.

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CCleaner application window

After installing the CCleaner software in Windows 10, you need to select the CCleaner icon from the Start menu to access it. In Windows 8, you need to open the CCleaner icon through the Start screen. This will open the piriform CCleaner application window.

When the Cleaner tab is selected, a number of titles are displayed on the right. You can use them to select which files to delete. This facility is provided so that those who have some understanding of the functionality of the computer can use this program according to their needs. But you can clean the computer without making this selection. Then the computer selects only the files that the user does not need in any way and deletes them.

Under custom clean on the CCleaner application window, the Windows tab indicates, How to give commands to clean various locations associated with the Windows operating system running on the computer. First shows the Windows-related Edge or Internet Explorer, or both if they are on the computer. Next, under Windows Explorer, you can remove any junk that may be left when using the Windows operating system. It then shows where you can clean up the operating system components under System.

Go through these and select the areas where you want to check for unwanted files and then click on the Analyze button at the bottom of the Piriform CCleaner window. It then finds the files to be deleted. To check and delete these, click on the Run Cleaner button at the bottom right of the Piriform CCleaner window.

how to run ccleaner

Windows Registry Cleaning

To configure the Windows registry properly, select Registry from the main tabs on the left side of the Piriform CCleaner window. By default, all the checkboxes under it are selected as default settings. Otherwise, if you want to leave something in it and only clean other places, you should uncheck that checkbox. Otherwise, leave the default settings and click on the Scan for Issues button. It then detects any deficiencies in the registry. To resolve them, click on the Fix selected issues … button.

It asks you to save a backup file in the registry, somewhere. Then click on the Yes button. Next, you can select the desired location to save the relevant file and save it. This backup file is useful for anyone who knows about changes in the registry due to cleaning. Also, if the registry changes due to a computer error due to cleaning, you can double-click on the backed up file and restore the contents. But such situations are very rare. Once all this work is done, click on the Fix All Selected Issues button in the dialog box that opens. Then the errors in the registry will be fixed.

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what is ccleaner | system cleaner

CCleaner features

The Tools tab on the left side of the CCleaner application window offers a number of other benefits.

Here are some common ones:

Uninstalling programs on your computer – To do this you have to select the Uninstall option. This will show you all the installed programs. When you select the program you want to remove from them and click the Uninstall button, it will completely remove all the related files from the computer.

Disable background running programs – You have to go through the Startup option to do this. It has three tabs at the top right. The first of these shows the programs that are activated when you log in to the Windows operating system. Programs that run automatically after a period of time are shown under the Scheduled task. These run in the background, slowing down computer access as well as performance. So you can select the unwanted ones, click on it, click the Disable button and deactivate them.


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Plugin Manipulation in a Web Browser – To do this, select the Browser Plugins option. Now shows the different plugins in the web browsers installed on the computer separately. If you want to deactivate a plugin, select its name and click the Disable button. You must click the Enable button to reactivate.

Manage free space on Hard Disk | Disk Management – Even if a file is deleted from the hard disk and removed from the Recycle Bin, it can be recovered by the recovery program. But you can select Drive Wiper and delete the file as it is not recoverable. To do this, select “Free Space Only” from the Wipe Dropdown menu on the right, and then select the checkbox next to the name of the desired drive in Drives. Then when you click the Wipe button at the bottom, all the data that was left in that drive will be permanently removed from the computer.

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