What’s Cortana in Windows 10?

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The Cortana program is one of the first new features in the Windows 10 operating system. Although this is called a personal assistant program, it is an artificial intelligence program about voice commands. In this article, describe what’s Cortana in Windows 10 and how to use that feature.

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What is Cortana in windows 10

A computer running the Windows 10 operating system must be connected to the Internet in order for the Cortana program to run. You must also have a microphone connected to the computer. Now if you have a user account set up with a Microsoft account, you need to log in to the computer to make the relevant settings. Alternatively, you can translate the normal user account on your computer into a functional account with a Microsoft account while performing basic settings related to the Cortana program.


Cortana settings

To make the basic settings of the Cortana program, type Cortana in the Search the web and Window area on the left-hand side of the taskbar. Then you will find Cortana & Search settings. Now click on it and click on the Next button at the bottom.

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Then enter the name in the Name or nickname field and click Next again. The Switch to a Microsoft account on this PC box will open. You will need to connect to the Internet and access the operating system through your Microsoft account. You will need to provide the email address and password associated with your Microsoft account.

If you do not currently have a Microsoft account, you will need to click on Create a new account to set it up for free. Then you need to set up a Microsoft account using your own Gmail address or other email address.

After creating an account, or selecting to access the operating system through an existing account, click the Next button. You will then receive an email to the email address used to register your Microsoft account. There will be a number. After entering the correct number here, click on Next again. It all shows the name of the Microsoft account at the end. Now when you click on the Switch button below, the normal user account will be transferred to the Microsoft account. The password used here is the password for the Microsoft account.

After logging in to your Microsoft account, the Cortana program will be activated. This program is designed to support the American English language, so it may not work on your computer. Then click on the time bar in the right-hand corner of the taskbar to activate it. In the menu that opens, select Date and Time settings. The Settings window will open. Now select Region & language on the left side and select the United States in the Country or region field on the right side.

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 How to use Cortana

To use the Cortana program, you need to click on Ask me anything on the left side of the taskbar. The corresponding menu will open. Now you have to click on the icon with the microphone mark at the bottom right. The circular icon changes to indicate that the program is ready to answer a question. Now you can ask any questions. These questions should be asked in English. Then the relevant answer is heard from the speaker on the computer. The Cortana program features the voice of a female robot. It also makes the answer appear read aloud on the Cortana window.

However, if the program does not recognize the pronunciation of the question, the settings can be adjusted so that it can be identified. To do so, select the Notebook icon to the left of the menu that appears when you click Ask me anything. The menu will change accordingly. Now select Settings. This will bring up the settings menu. At the bottom of the menu, select Learn my voice. Then click on the Start button at the bottom. Now you can read the sentence shown here and adjust your pronunciation to the Cortana program.

what's cortana in windows 10


The program will call itself by the name given at the time of setting up the account. But if you want to change it later, you have to click on Ask me anything. Then select the Notebook icon on the left side of the menu. Now you can change this name by selecting About me and clicking on the Change my name button. You can also click the Edit favorite button under the Favorite Place and make a note of where you want to be.


Cortana Windows 10 Reminders settings

The Cortana program can be used to memorize an activity and then notify you of it. To do this, click on Ask me anything and then click on Reminders on the left side of the menu. Now click on the + sign below to set up a new reminder. This will change the menu so that the reminder can be configured. In the Reminder to field, enter the desired title and if the Person field is a person’s name, it can be entered.

cortana on windows 10

You can also mark a place you want to be reminded in the Place field and a time in the Time field. It will then notify you when the time has come or when you have gone to the place marked there. Here it identifies its location by linking GPS data with Bing maps.